Boeing Bell V-22 Osprey(Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Edition)

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1/72 MV-22B D

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1/72 Boeing Bell MV-22B Osprey (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Edition) Tilt Rotor Metal Aircraft Military Airplane Model Diecast Plane Model for Collection or Gift


About this item

  • V-22 tilt rotor aircraft is similar to fixed wing aircraft in appearance, but two rotatable engines at the tip of the wing drive two rotors. In the fixed wing state, V-22 looks like an aircraft with two super large propellers at the tip of both wings; In the helicopter state, it is a helicopter with two smaller rotors, which enables it to have the helicopter's vertical lifting ability, but also has the advantages of high speed, long range and low fuel consumption of fixed wing propeller aircraft.
  •  The maximum flight speed is 509 kilometers, making it the fastest helicopter in the world.
  • 1/72 Scale length: 10 inches, Wingspan: 9 inches
    The fuselage of the airplane model is made of high-quality metal, and the base and some parts are made of plastic.
  • The model is strictly restored according to the original aircraft proportions and details.It is very suitable to decorate your desk,showcase and shelf.
  • The idea present for your lover ,aviation enthusiast, military collector.

Trade name: MV-22B (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Edition)
Commodity ratio: 1:72
Model length: 10in
Model wingspan: 9in
Model height: 7in 
Net weight of model: 1.8LBS

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Commodity display


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