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Our Team is committed towards the safety of kids.
As a parent, we always do more than in our capacity to ensure the current and future wellbeing of our kids.
AXVUE INC. is an addition to Parents Supervision to ensure a safer childhood.
We aspire to remove hurdles and make sure your kids enjoy their childhood without getting hurt.
We combine our Research with Technological Advancements to design solution that are an addition to Parents Supervision.
AXVUE Video Baby Monitor gives you assurance and convienc. Peace of Mind is just a click away for those parents, who can access an image of their sleeping baby whenever they want.
AXVUE Video Baby Monitor is extremely convenient, time- and effort-saving when it comes to reducing legwork. You can also rest easy knowing that you’re not likely to wake your little angel by going inside.

You can monitor your precious tot wherever you are, at your convenience. It also gives you the valuable opportunity to do what you need to, because your things are important too, and parenthood also means taking a step back to make sure you’re happy and well-rested.

It Starts With A Dream

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