The Ultimate 8+ Rowing Boat Model: A Perfect Gift, Decor, and Trophy

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🚣‍♂️ Legacy Craftsmanship, Prestigious Choice 🚣‍♂️
AXVUE is not just a brand; it's a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Every RM850 rowing boat model stands as a testament to prestige and professionalism, making it the perfect choice for those looking to explore the allure of rowing.

🌊 Details Brought to Life, Immersing You in the Real Race 🌊
From every blade of the oar to the intricate lines of the boat's body, the RM850 brings to you every detail from an actual race. No longer are you a mere spectator, but an immersed participant.

✨ Thoughtfully Designed, A Highlight for Home Decor ✨
The RM850 is more than just a rowing boat model; it's a work of art. Let it be the centerpiece in your home, showcasing your unique taste and aspirations.

🎁 Perfect Gift, For the Special Ones Who Adore Rowing 🎁
Be it birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasions, the RM850 is the ultimate expression of your heartfelt appreciation.

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As our premiere product launching in the domestic market, we are offering special discounts for the first batch of buyers. Limited stock available, so it's first come, first served!

Own your RM850 now, experience the charm of rowing, and feel the prestige and honor that AXVUE brings to you!
Model: Standard Edition


"Little Yellow Boat"

Empacher rowing boats have stood for quality and reliability in rowing.
In dimension, form and equipment the shell reflects the latest knowledge and technique available. It has been carefully built according to the latest design.

1:50 Model Rowing 8+


RM850 has been perfectly faithfully reproduced as the latest 8+XCR89 hull of "Little Yellow Boat" in a 1:50 ratio,the model is made of alloy and ABS plastic, equipped with a transparent acrylic dust cover and black base,this is a tabletop model ornament with a high simulation shape and quality , which is suitable for all rowing enthusiasts and clubs to collect.

1:50 Model Rowing 8+

1/50 Scale

Scale & Dimensions

Scale: 50

Dimensions: 13.4in(L)/ 0.67in(W)/ 0.4in(H)



Overall & Details

Pin & Bout house

Material Quality

Weight: 60g

Standard Edition

Different scenes




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