Baby Nail Trimmer Electric-03

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颜色: Pink


This Electric baby nail trimmer Machine is new design which is round shape and small, it comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for anyone to use and grip. The portable design allows you to carry anywhere and use whenever.


Different colored nail trimmer grinding heads suitable for any age, fine grinding heads are suitable for 0-12 months baby, medium grinding heads are suitable for babies over 1 year+, coarse and polishing grinding heads are suitable for adults.


Gently clip nails to a proper length first, then use the baby manicure set to grind and polish them. Your baby's nails will be smooth. You don't have to worry about your baby scratching himself anymore.Only 1 AAA battery operated, economic design. (battery not included in the package)


One click power on and power off, One unplug and one plug, easy to replace the grinding head, You can operate the trimmer with one hand while holding baby's hand with another. Simple function but can trim baby nails quickly and easily.

Baby usage

Specially select ultra-excellent sand paper, fit with soft sponge and grinding head made of ABS, no matter the speed is high or low, it can polish the nails smoothly without hurting the skin.

Baby usage

Comfortable to hold in hand. Cutting baby's toenails easier, for new mom and dad.

Adult use

Grinding heads of different colors made of different sandpaper thicknesses are suitable for nails with different hardness, so they are suitable not only for newborns, but also for adults. Please confirm the required hardness of grinding head before use.

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